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Malcolm Root
Malcolm Root is a respected transport artist and Fellow of the Guild of Railway Artists. His paintings bring scenes from the past to life in stunning detail.
Malcolm Root
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Giclee Prints
The following items are examples of Giclee prints from artwork by Malcolm Root.
The Devon Belle
Image Area 18” x 24”
Orient line climbs Honiton Bank.

Liverpool Street
Image Area 18” x 24”
Liverpool Street, gateway to East Anglia.

Post War Blues
Image Area 15” x 20”
Class A4 no. 60028 leaving Kings Cross.

Glorious West Highland
Image Area 13½” X 18”
Class V4 Bantam Cock on the West Highland line.

Crowning Glory
Image Area 18” X 24”
Doyen of the class Coronation makes it’s assault on Beattock Bank.

Image Area 17” X 26”
Cunarders in all their splendour at Southampton docks.

Seaside Excursion
Image Area 13” X 16”
Children on the platform await the excursion to Clacton.

Halstead Level Crossing
Image Area 13.3” X 16”
Class J15 traverses Halstead level crossing on the Colne Valley line.

In The Bleak Midwinter
Image Area 15” X 20”
F5 waits impatiently at Epping station with the  push pull service to Ongar.
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